Coronation vs Inauguration

Dutch coronation

With all the hoopla surrounding the Dutch coronation song, I have been prompted to read a bit more about the upcoming festivities when Nederland will get a new king.

But, oops, it’s not actually a coronation, it’s a “coronation.” Apparently, the Dutch monarchy is more of a hereditary governmental job than an actual kingship. The king and queen will not be crowned, so we can’t use the word “coronation.” Instead, we have to use “inauguration” –which is what we use in the US for democratically-elected presidents!

Inaugurate just means to induct into office by a formal ceremony. There’s nothing “ruling” associated with the word. However, coronation comes from “crown” as in the act of crowning a monarch. Apparently there will be a crown, but it will be placed on the table.

Beware though: No crown doesn’t mean no tiara. Maxima has an extensive collection of tiara’s for the inauguration.


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