It’s high time

It’s high time to write about another beautiful expression that you can start using to make your English sound more natural.

I can attest to the fact that you hear “it’s high time…” a lot in the South! It’s a casual expression that you can use to impress the natives with your ability to speak English as they speak it. As you might have guessed, “high time” originally refers to noon (“high noon“–perhaps you recognize this phrase from Western movies?).


  • It was high time she forgot about men and worked on bolstering her independent spirit with a return to California.
  • Then it’s high time we put it away once and for all.
  • I can’t see that stuff without thinking it’s high time someone did something.
  • We thought it was high time to give you some vital info on this trend among men.

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So, what does this expression mean?

It means: “It should have happened a long time ago.”


“This thing is long overdue.”

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