Welcome to Premier Taaltraining‘s blog! I teach English in Utrecht, the Netherlands, focusing on developing the writing skills of non-native speakers in the Business and Academic sphere. In addition to teaching writing strategies, I also teach general conversational English and prepare students for exams like the TOEFL and IELTS. My students are mostly highly-educated, ambitious professionals and academics who want to perfect their English or bring it to a higher level so that they can hold their own in an international environment.

I speak and teach American English.

In this blog, I hope to address some of the most common issues that thwart even my most talented students. If you follow my blog, you can expect to learn new idiomatic expressions, be reminded of some common grammar issues, and get insight into writing in English. In between such posts, I might rhapsodize on language learning, bilingualism, or similar issues that we face learning any foreign language. I tend to discuss language issues from a Dutch perspective since I live and work in the Netherlands.

Email me at taylor@premiertaaltraining.nl or see my website for more information.


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