Summer! Find your place in the sun

This week’s extraordinary weather is bringing people out in droves: hordes of people have spent the weekend relaxing under the sun in one of Utrecht’s parks. This much sun is a rare occurrence in the Netherlands, so we all take full advantage of it when it’s here.

Since the sun is what everyone will be talking about this week, you’ll have plenty of occasion to use beautiful English expressions with sun, like your place in the sun.English Utrecht NL

A place in the sun can mean, depending on the context:

1. a moment you can shine or get recognition

That TED talk was incredible! The speaker really deserves her place in the sun.

2. a position that gives you what you’ve always been looking for

Robert has got a new job as a game designer. He loves it! He’s finally found his place in the sun.

3. a good or lucky position

Under him, the rupee could actually find its place in the sun as one of the strongest emerging currencies in the world. (Business Week)

Other collocations with sun:

bask in the sun

English Utrecht sun

soak up the sun / catch some rays

English Utrecht

stay out of the sun

English Utrecht


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